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If you have any questions or would like more information,  we would be more than happy to help.

Terms and Conditions

Booking Procedure 

Bookings can be made by telephone or email. A non-refundable booking deposit of £300.00 per weeks hire is payable at the time of booking to secure your dates and this will be deducted from the balance due. Confirmation of your booking will then be sent to you, together with a booking form for completion and return to us along with Driving Licence photocopies for all intended drivers (maximum of 2) of the vehicle. If your driving licence is a card with paper counterpart we will need copies of both the card and counterpart to validate the insurance.  


Payment for the remaining balance of the hire charge will be due 6 weeks before the date of hire. If the balance is not paid by the due date, Go Explore Motorhome Hire reserves the right to cancel the booking. Payment can be made via Bacs transfer.  For late bookings (less than 4 weeks before arrival), the full rental price will be payable at the time of booking

Go Explore Motorhome Hire will require proof of eligibility to hire and to drive the vehicle.  The Hirer must provide the following items  as requested.   (Note we cannot release the vehicle without these items being provided):

  • Passport or other photo ID of the Hirer (s)

  • Valid Full UK Licence for each driver

  • 2 items of proof of residential ID of the driver (s) . Our insurance policy specifically requests utility bills no more than 2 months old

Go Explore Motorhome Hire reserves the right to cancel the hire if, at the commencement of hire, the Drivers’ licences are invalid or not according to the required conditions or if insurance is declined for any reason. By making a booking and paying a deposit the Customer/Hirer is entering into a contract with Go Explore Motorhome Hire and agrees to abide by Go Explore's Motorhome Hires Terms and Conditions.


Driver must be aged between 25 and 75 (inclusive) and have held a Full UK Driving Licence for at least two years. Licence(s) must be valid, with a maximum of two 3-point convictions and the original licence(s) for the intended driver(s) must be produced at the time of collection of the vehicle, along with proof of identity and address in the form of a utility bill no more than 2 months old. Failure to present the correct documentation at the time of collection will result in cancellation of the vehicle hire.

Drivers who passed their test after 1996 may be restricted on the weight of motorhome they are permitted to drive,.  You can check with the DVLA here  We also require you to create a Licence Check Code with the DVLA which you will need to supply to us in advance of commencement of hire.  Drivers are liable for any traffic or parking offence committed during the hire period and the law requires us to divulge hirer/driver details to the Police/relevant Authorities upon request. 


Comprehensive Insurance for the vehicle is included in the hire charge (for UK hire). This does not include internal fixtures, fittings and equipment, or any Optional Equipment that may have been added.  Hirers are advised to take their own insurance which should include personal possessions. 

In the event of the motor insurance policy being invalidated because of non disclosure of relevant facts, the company, (us), will hold the hirer, (you), responsible for all losses, fines and any other eventualities.


A vehicle damage deposit of £1,250 shall be taken at the commencement of the hire to cover any damage or loss for any one incident or accident whilst the vehicle is on hire to you and in your care. The damage deposit will be returned within 3 working days from the end of the hire, provided there is no damage, shortages or incurred surcharges and fines.

In the event of any damage resulting from the actions of a third party, for which we are able to reclaim the excess, the damage deposit shall be returned to you once we have recovered this excess.

The motorhome is only insured for the hire period, ie. agreed collection date & time and return date & time. If you are likely to be late in returning, you must contact us immediately by telephone, in order that we can make the necessary arrangements with our insurance providers.  Driving of the vehicle after the expiry time of the hire, may result in the driver committing a traffic offence and subsequently liable to prosecution under Road Traffic Acts. Furthermore the hirer, (you), will be responsible for any accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire period.

Items NOT COVERED under the insurance, and which are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the hirer, (you), are:-

  • Windscreen and all other windows/skylights

  • Loss/damage/theft to the radio, stereo equipment and aerials

  • Interior damage including; burns to seats, carpets, and other damage

  • Vandalism and malicious damage of any kind to the vehicle

  • Personal effects within or from the vehicle

  • Roof and overhead damage resulting from an incident or accident. 

All drivers must be aware of the height of the vehicle and are responsible for all damage if driven under an obstruction that is too low for it to clear – examples being low bridges, height restrictions barriers, trees, signs etc. In the event of such damage occurring, THE INSURANCE WILL NOT APPLY and the hirer, (you), will be liable for the costs of all repairs, damages, and subsequent losses.

The motorhome is fitted with a dash cam which is there for your own safety and must not under any circumstance be switched off-if switched off this could invalidate the insurance cover during your hire. 

Vehicle Damage Deposit

A £1,250 damage deposit is payable at commencement of hire, if the vehicle is returned in good condition, whole and undamaged, with a clean interior, cooker, oven & empty chemical toilet tank and no other excesses to be charged, the deposit will be refunded within 3 working days. Should the condition of the vehicle be otherwise; then repairs, replacements or cleaning costs will be charged against the deposit. If the hirer is found to have damaged the vehicle by negligence (i.e. no other person or vehicle is involved) the hirer will be responsible for full rectification costs which will be charged against the deposit. Front and rear bumpers, overcab mouldings, roof lights, windows, wing mirrors and external doors are typical components prone to damage by negligence. 


Failure to return the vehicle in a clean (particularly the cooker, oven & chemical toilet) condition will incur a £75 valeting charge & a charge of £50 will be made for unemptied chemical toilet tanks.  Any damages or breakages will be charged at the market value of replacement. 



All cancellations must be in writing.  If you cancel the hire within 90 days of the hire date, there will be no refund.  Go Explore Motorhome Hire reserve the right to cancel the booking if, at the commencement of hire, the driver’s licenses are invalid or not according to the conditions set out. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited. You are advised to let us know immediately if any drivers’ licenses change after we have accepted your booking.

Collection and returns

Standard Times – The motorhome is available for collection between 3pm & 6pm on the first day of hire, and must be returned between 9.30am & 11.00am, on the last day of the hire. Other arrangements can be made, but these must be agreed in advance, and are subject to availability of the motorhome.

  • Failure to return the motorhome within the agreed time on the last day of the hire shall incur a LATE RETURN PENALTY of £100 per hour or part thereof, together with any other costs incurred, including any compensation payable to the subsequent hirer. Failure to advise us of a late could also result in a prosecution for driving whilst uninsured

  • No refunds will be given if the motorhome is returned early.

  • Upon return of the motorhome Go Explore Motorhome Hire will check the vehicle for damage, cleanliness, shortages, fuel, tyres, washroom area, kitchen area, and any additional hired equipment. Failure to return the vehicle in a clean condition will incur a minimum £75 valeting charge. Also a charge of £50 will be levied for unemptied chemical toilet tanks.

  • The hirer’s, (your), vehicle can be left at the motorhome pick up point. This is a public area, and vehicles are left at the hirer’s, (your), risk. No liability will be attributable to the company, (us), for any loss, or damage caused in your absence.

Vehicle Handover
There is plenty to cover during our vehicle familiarisation session, which lasts approximately 1 hour immediately prior to vehicle collection. Please ensure that you allow time for this process. If you have any questions regarding the operation of the vehicle during the hire period please contact Angela on 07904 536779 or Mark on 07737 093642.  We know it can be alot to take in at once so we have provided a video guide on a Kindle and printed manual both of which are left inside the motorhome for your convenience. 
The Fuel Tank 

The fuel tank will be full before departing and the fuel gauge will be noted upon collection and the hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle with the fuel gauge at approximately the same point.  Any shortage will be charged for at the local forecourt price + a £10 surcharge.  ​One full LPG gas cylinder is supplied, subsequent refills are the responsibility of the hirer who should ensure that bottles are refilled prior to return.

Punctures/Tyre Damage

The motorhome does have a  spare wheel located under the motorhome (jack/tools under front passenger seat) and a puncture repair kit (foam spray repair / electric pump) designed to get you to a tyre repair centre for repair/ replacement. If you are not confident using the kit, we recommend that you call us for assistance. If you are confident to use the kit then you can do so and make your way to the nearest tyre repair centre. The specialist tyre foam can simply be cleaned out of the tyre and a far more cost effect repair carried out. 

If you do have a puncture (nail / screw / foreign object in the tyre), it may be that it can be repaired rather than replaced. A tyre repair centre will advise if a repair is possible which is likely to be significantly cheaper than a replacement. If however, you do need to get the tyre replaced, the tyre must be the same make / specification as the other tyres on the motorhome.  Any cost associated with tyre damage or puncture will be the responsibility of the hirer and is not covered by Go Explore Motorhome Hire. 

If the puncture repair kit is used a cost of £30 will be taken from the security deposit to cover its replacement. 


While every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle reserved is available, if, due to circumstances beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, our liability will be limited to the return of any monies paid by the hirer.

Force Majeure
Any event beyond the control of Go Explore Motorhome Hire which prevents us from complying with any of our obligations under this contract.  Including but not limited to:
Act of God 
Acts of terrorism 
Radiation or Contamination 

Other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of Go Explore Motorhome Hire against which it would have been unreasonable for Go Explore Motorhome Hire to take precautions .


We accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from motorhome breakdown; fair wear and tear, excepted accident or any other such related causes. All accidents and any damage (no matter how minor) to either the exterior or interior including tv/dvd etc must be reported immediately by telephone to Go Explore Motorhome Hire on 07737 093642 or 07904 536779.  This will enable us to order parts etc so that the vehicle can be repaired upon your return for the next hirer. 


Go Explore Motorhome Hire undertakes to ensure that upon collection by the user, the vehicle is in good order and that it complies with current UK road tax, has a current MOT, up to date habitation certificate and that all systems are functional unless otherwise stated as inoperative or not tested. Go Explore Motorhome Hire will have checked the engine water and oil levels prior to your departure.  

The hirer shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred for speeding, parking fines, congestion charges and for any other offences committed against the Road Traffic Act or traffic regulations.

The hirer shall be responsible for all overhead damage resulting from any incident; overhead damage is defined from ground to in excess of 6 feet from the ground. Damage to windscreen, tyres and punctures are the responsibility of the hirer. You are required to check the condition of tyres and engine fluid levels on a daily basis and top up if required. .

The hirer is required to keep the motorhome under their control throughout the hire period. It must be locked at all times when unattended.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in our motorhome – Your entire damage deposit will be forfeited if there is evidence or if we suspect that smoking has occurred.The use of e-cigarettes is also strictly forbidden.


We have a strict no pets policy in the motorhome-Your entire damage deposit will be forfeited if there is evidence or if we suspect that pets have been in the motorhome.


We are happy for customers to take our motorhome to festivals, grand prix etc. If this results in being towed in or out of fields and the underside or inside of the vehicle getting extremely muddy we reserve the right to impose an additional cleaning charge. The vehicle normally takes around two hours to clean but additional hours cleaning will be charged at £30 per hour. Please be advised there is an additional charge for festival hire-please see "Festival Hire" for more details.

Accidents or Breakdown

Whilst we assure you that every effort is made to ensure that the motorhome is in a safe and roadworthy condition prior to the period of hire, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, the vehicle is covered for roadside assistance, and recovery 24/7. Our cover is provided by National Breakdown Services and they can  be contacted on 01274 288488.

  • We will not be held responsible for any consequential expenses or losses, eg. hotel or transport costs, or any 3rd party claims or damages, subsequent to any breakdown of the motorhome.

  • The hirer, (you), may authorise repairs and replacements up to fifty pounds (£50) and will be reimbursed upon providing us with a valid VAT receipt for said repairs/replacements.

  • Please note that where the company, (we), incur costs through negligence on your part, any charges incurred by the company will be passed on to you. Incidents of negligence include, but are not limited to, incorrectly refuelling vehicle, locking the keys inside vehicle, losing keys.

  • All accidents/incidents resulting in damage or loss, must be reported to Go Explore Motorhome Hire immediately, for further instruction. Should the damage to the vehicle require specialist repair we may require you to return the vehicle prior to the scheduled end of hire.

European Cover

For those travelling within Europe there is an additional charge of £15 per night for European cover (including European roadside assistance and insurance).  There is also a generous mileage allowance of 1200 miles per week with additional mies charged at 0.50p per mile.

Additional  Charges

Our motorhome and equipment is supplied in the best possible condition, and we ask that you maintain that standard and return the vehicle in a similar condition as received.  Should the vehicle not be returned reasonably clean, we reserve the right to make charges against the security deposit  taken from you at the commencement of the hire. 

Additional Charges:-

Toilet cassette not empty and clean-£50

Shower/Toilet compartment not clean-£30

Fridge/Freezer not empty and clean-£20

Cooker Hob, Oven Grill & Microwave not clean-£50

Damaged or punctured tyre(s)-£ replacement or repair cost

Windscreen, windows, skylights, or lights damaged, chipped, or cracked-£ replacement cost

Bike rack damage-£ replacement or repair cost

Aerial damage-£ replacement or repair cost

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